Sunday, July 5, 2009


So my beautiful goddaughter was finally born on June 16th to Brad and Amanda Sullivan. Baby "E" as she was formerly know as came into the world at 8:07pm and weighed 8#8oz; 21 inches long. Her name is Elena Christine Sullivan and she is absolutely amazing! She was born with transposition of the great arteries, which I won't get into, but she required open heart surgery in her first week of life and let me tell you she was some trooper! So born on a Tuesday she went in for surgery that Thursday. She spent the weekend being closely monitored in the CICU (cardiac intensive care unit) before being transfered to the cardiac step down unit the next Monday. After only a few short days there she decided she had enough of the place and kicked it into gear and was able to be discharged from the hospital on Wed. the 22nd (not even a full week after open heart surgery). Did I mention she is AmaZiNg!??! I love her to pieces already! You know who else in this equation is amazing? My sister Amanda. After hours of induced labor and close to 2 hours of pushing Elena's delivery resulted from a c-section. Amanda, obviously dissapointed took on this new challenge and delivered the most amazing being on the face of this earth. As a result of the c-section she was unable to be with her baby when she went into surgery. They were apart for the first several days of her life. Amanda was the most courageous person I have known during the whole process. Her mommy instincts have really kicked in to high gear. She doesn't know it yet but she is going to be the most amazing mother (I sure am using the word amazing a lot aren't I?). Anywho....I was fortunate to spend close to 2 weeks down in Atlanta helping out where I could but am unfortunately back to reality in Colorado. I miss Elena tons already and its only been a week. It saddens me how much I am going to miss in her life but I have great joy in knowing she has 2 wonderful parents to love her and give her all the attention she deserves!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

sO i'vE bEeN thiNkinG... I started thinking about how sucky it really is to have to work weekends (me being a nurse and all). Then I continued thinking about how sucky it is to work nights all the time (kinda crazy since all I do is work nights). Normally I don't mind about the nights thing. Today I'm just sorta in a cummy mood about it. I have NEVER liked the weekends though. So I really started to think about it when I was reading updates on Facebook and everyone is all, "Thank God it's Friday" and I'm all like yay Friday (NOT). Friday is only the beginning to my 3 night stretch at work. Then lucky ol' me has one night off before coming back for another 2 nights of fun. I can't really complain since in all actuality I only work 3 days a week; however, I do often think about what it must be like to work "normal people" hours. What it must feel like to sleep when "normal people" do. Hmm.... Anywho.....just needed a little time to vent I suppose. Maybe I need a new job!?

Other than that, I have had lots of time to think about stupid stuff like the junk above. Josh is out of town in South Dakota at some friends place hunting (again!). I can't really be annoyed though. I knew about the trip well in advance, I just always get bummed out being home alone. I guess I sorta miss him when he's away (which is weird since when he's around I look forward to him being away....kidding). Anywho, he has about 3 or 4 deer tags that still need to be used up and I believe the season is about to end. I would hate to see all that money go to waist, even though I'm not overlly excited about the money being spent to fill his truck up with gas to get to SD. Hopefully it is all worth it and we have enough meat to fill the freezer for the next year or so.

But I suppose.......I can end this long silly pointless blog. Again, I have lives to save!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

hEllO oNe & alL!

So I've seen a few of these blogs done by other people and thought what the heck. I've done the whole Myspace thing and haven't updated that since our wedding back in April of 2007. Then I jumped on the Facebook band wagon. That has not gotten old yet but who knows....time will tell. Although I am absolutely horrible at updating photos and such I thought why not add yet another blog site to my list of things to do. In all reality I am sitting at work bored out of my mind and thought this could be fun. It will pass the time at least. So anywho....unlike the majority of people who use this blog I don't have kids so no fun updates on that topic. Thankfully I have no chronic or life threatening illness so again no updates on that. More or less it's just Josh and I. My lovely husband of 1 1/2 years (1 yr and 9 months to be exact). It's crazy to think how fast the time flies. We live in Castle Rock, CO where we purchased our first home back in July of 2007. The town is nice but of course it's not the country with acreage like Josh would hope. We like it here in Colorado but always look towards the future and about where we would like to be once we start a family. I am sure it will bring us slightly closer to home but where exactly that is and how close exactly it will be is still way up in the air. For now; however, we are oober happy (most the time) and look forward to our future together. Anywho....I suppose since I AM at work I had better get going and save some lives. I will update this as often as I can or as often as something semi-interesting occurs in my (or Josh's) life. Peace!